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Great purchase. Better than expected

I did a great deal of homework reading reviews on mini bands and it almost scared me to the point of not buying any at all. But the price of these bands seemed too good to pass up, so I took a shot with them and I haven’t been disappointed. With 5 levels of resistance you can use these for a variety of exercises not just squats or butt kicks. If the resistance isn’t enough you can double or triple the bands on your legs or arms to create more resistance. I use these a lot to do an overhead arm movement that mimics a pull up working the the upper back. And to do overhead triceps. Mountain climbers in the plank position. Also I use them for stretching as well. I’ve put these to test over the last two months with no issue other than the occasional roll up but that’s to be expected.


Great Quality

As a personal trainer I need jump ropes that will stand the test of time and heavy usage and these fit the bill. I have used the two jump ropes i bought for a few weeks now with many different clients and the ropes held up great . The rope itself did not fray when used on rough concrete outside and the adjustments to the rope length are easily made and held inside the handles. On top of this the company emailed me to make sure I was happy with their product and sent me a PDF of exercises tips as well.


Great product, well received

Order arrived in full and on time with parcel posted through letterbox as will fit in the Amazon packaging it comes in. Product came well packaged and completely undamaged. All components were included, nothing missing. Each band was individually packaged inside box, and those individual packages inside drawstring bag. Drawstring bag will be good for taking multiple bands to the gym without misplacing them. Have not yet put to full use but opened the 'Extra Heavy' band and seemed strong. Easy to use and appears to be durable - indications that other people have had their's "snap" seems unlikely Fit for purpose, would recommend this product. Helpful links to video also available - great bonus. Best value for money that I was able to find on Amazon UK

The bands Are Catching On

The bands are great . I keep these at work in my desk drawer in the little bag they came in. Since sitting is the new smoking,I try to use these while working, doing exercises at my desk. They serve their purpose, the right size and different resistance levels. I've surpassed the yellow, so passed it on to a co-worker. The bands are catching on and more people in the office are getting them.


Great Product, Great Price

This is an affordable yet high-quality piece of exercise equipment . There is some assembly required but it's very easy to put together, it took me less than a minute. I have only been using it for 10 days, so of course, no results yet. I really like the double wheel design because it adds stability and I don't waste energy balancing myself to not fall sideways. The parts seem to be well constructed and so far it is holding up well. The foam handles are what set this model apart from the rest I looked at as they are easy on the hands. Overall, great product, great price and a great workout.

Sarah Cioffi

I think I got a much wider variety and extra resistance

The yellow and green bands are very light so they can roll easily making certain workouts really frustrating but thats just what you have to expect when working with bands. I really like the extra resistance that these provide . I got them to use during Beachbody's 80 Day Obsession rather than purchasing bands through Beachbody. I think I got a much wider variety and extra resistance in these 5 bands versus the 3 that Beach Body sells.

An American-made product

Buy these, not those. This is an American-made product and includes 5 resistance bands of varied thickness, a mesh bag, and an instruction booklet . Links to videos are available too. I am very pleased with my purchase and already received an e-mail from the company owner. The bands can be used in numerous ways to increase muscle strength and endurance, as well as cardiovascular health. I bring the bag to work and used the bands during my workday.


I love these! I have owned many different types of resistance bands. Many repeatedly bunch up or roll while working out. I have used these daily, for 30 - 60 minutes each time, for the past week. They may have bunched up maybe once or twice in that time which is not a lot when compared to other brands. They were easy to flatten, went on smoothly, and provided the resistance I needed. I would recommend these to anyone!
Megan Lewitt

Equivalent to Band from PT

This is a wonderful set of resistance bands. My husband and I are both using them. I like how all the different levels of resistance are included in one pack. My husband has been suffering from severe lower back pain lately. His physical therapist gave him some exercises to do and sent him home with one band. Unfortunately, the one from the physical therapist broke, but the red one from this pack is very similar in strength. It has been several weeks so far of use and it is still holding up well. I am satisfied with my purchase!

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