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Great Quality

As a personal trainer I need jump ropes that will stand the test of time and heavy usage and these fit the bill. I have used the two jump ropes i bought for a few weeks now with many different clients and the ropes held up great . The rope itself did not fray when used on rough concrete outside and the adjustments to the rope length are easily made and held inside the handles. On top of this the company emailed me to make sure I was happy with their product and sent me a PDF of exercises tips as well.


The bands Are Catching On

The bands are great . I keep these at work in my desk drawer in the little bag they came in. Since sitting is the new smoking,I try to use these while working, doing exercises at my desk. They serve their purpose, the right size and different resistance levels. I've surpassed the yellow, so passed it on to a co-worker. The bands are catching on and more people in the office are getting them.


Great Product, Great Price

This is an affordable yet high-quality piece of exercise equipment . There is some assembly required but it's very easy to put together, it took me less than a minute. I have only been using it for 10 days, so of course, no results yet. I really like the double wheel design because it adds stability and I don't waste energy balancing myself to not fall sideways. The parts seem to be well constructed and so far it is holding up well. The foam handles are what set this model apart from the rest I looked at as they are easy on the hands. Overall, great product, great price and a great workout.

Kyli H.

Just what I was looking for!

I was super excited to get resistance bands to make my home workouts more fun and productive; these are exactly what I needed! Great product especially for hip flexor strength work and lower back!

Outstanding customer service

The Limm customer service rep responded very soon after I sent a query about receiving what I thought was only half of the order. They found the answer and followed up, again very quickly. It turned out that the order was sent in separate mailings, and I received the second package two days later. In summary, their response and customer service was top of the line - as good (or better) as any that I have received elsewhere. The cleats are gifts, and I will find out how effective they are after Christmas and will add another review. The company's concern for the customer suggests a product that will be excellent as well.

Good customer service

I bought these resistance bands to replace ones that my physical therapist had given me, that had broken. After about five months one of the Limm bands also broke, and Limm promptly sent me a replacement for free. Thanks!

Greatly detailed, loved it!

I love it! Similar to the other guide, this one has suggestions of exercises with no equipment, so it adds variety to my resistance bands workouts. Well described and illustrated.

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