2021 Fitness Trends: The Basics to a Home Workout Setup

With the end of 2020 shifting people’s attention to improving overall health and fitness due to COVID-19, we take a more in-depth look into how we can adapt to the changing times and create a workout-from-home setup that is ready to embrace fitness trends for the current year.

Expect more people to build their own home gyms.

Woman performing lunges in her home

We all know what happened after the first outbreak last year: for many, going out became a more significant risk, and to err on the side of caution, more and more people stopped going to gyms. So, it’s no question that this year, the number of people doing home workouts have increased. By working out at home, you can save time and money and enjoy privacy and comfort, so we see this trend continuing.

More and more people are combining in-person training and virtual training, with the latter being a more popular choice even for fitness newbies from different geographical locations. But before splurging on a treadmill or any other large machines, you must consider if you have ample space in your home. Do you have a garage, a yard, or a basement that you can dedicate to home workouts? If not, and you only have a small corner available, your best options are gears and equipment that are lightweight and easy to move and store.

Our top tips for building your home gym:

  1. When choosing equipment, expensive doesn't always mean best, at least not for a home gym setup. While expensive equipment will surely last a long time, remember that they are made to withstand use by dozens if not hundreds of people lifting weights every day. Prioritize your must-haves before purchasing heavy equipment that is “nice-to-have.”
  2. Focus on gears that could give you versatile workouts, and always buy based on your fitness goals. You won't need a treadmill if your primary goal is building your upper body muscles.
  3. Take a video of your workouts; maybe even post them online. While working out, we are not always aware of our body’s position and alignment, and taking a video will help you see if you are performing movements with perfect form.

More people will subscribe to virtual training and workout classes

woman stretching her hamstrings while watching an online workout class

What’s making home workouts the most viable option for most people are the numerous workout applications and subscriptions to virtual training classes. With the advancement of technology and the urgent requirement for “physical distancing,” it’s easy to understand that going digital is now one of the most convenient, up-to-date ways to stay fit. The only requirements are your phone plus an internet connection (for most apps), and you’re all set. In the second quarter of 2020 alone, usage of fitness apps has steadily increased up to 46%. Sites like DailyBurn offer a 30-day free trial, so you could get a feel for the trainers and try the exercise routines they have before you commit to a paid subscription.

Other fitness trainers and experts have launched Groups to stream live guided workout videos so anyone who is part of the group could exercise along with them. Inside these groups, anyone can also join Fitness Challenges -- which can help you be more accountable to the workout routines you try. Joining these fitness communities can be extremely beneficial as members of the community can also give you support, insight, tips, and motivation.

We have tried and enjoyed some of the challenges from these monthly calendar challenges by Blogilates.

Our top tips for making the most out of your online workout classes/subscriptions:

  1. Look for fitness apps that can offer fine-tuning workout routines based on your fitness level. Your body is different from everybody else, so you have to learn how to adjust reps and sets for your current fitness level.
  2. Find out what you want and need. Maybe you are looking for postpartum fat-loss tips, strategies to improve circuit training, or whatever else you want to focus on: most of these communities have Facebook Groups where they share their best tips and experiences.
  3. Since everything is virtual, you will need to cultivate discipline. The best way to do this is by starting with exercise that can be ridiculously small and working your way up. However, the real secret is to keep doing this repeatedly to form this into a habit and increasing the challenge steadily.

Bodyweight training is still "IN"!

Fitness bands, massage ball, jump rope and other fitness gears

Not ready to make your first purchase of an exercise machine? No problem. Bodyweight training is still a big trend, especially now that people without any prior workout experience are also becoming more conscious of their fitness and health. And why not? This form of training is right for muscle strength and cardio health, and fitness is not limited to heavy equipment to build muscles or treadmills to train endurance. With bodyweight workouts, you can move through different planes and train for functionality. To top it all off, bodyweight training is probably the most accessible training option for first-timers and fitness newbies who still don't have a collection of workout gears and equipment.

Our top tips for bodyweight workouts:

  1. Learn how to adapt variations to your workout. You can introduce variations in movements and speed to target different muscle fibers.
  2. Make bodyweight workouts more challenging by turning them into unilateral exercises, where you use a single leg or single arm to perform the exercise.
  3. Introduce inexpensive exercise gears (like resistance bands and jump rope), or use DIY items like stairs (for dips and push-ups), water bottles as dumbbells, or towels and paper plates as sliders for core workouts.

More awareness to eating habits and behavior

A choice of healthy foods such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, nuts, and cherries

Understandably, more and more people have reported experiencing anxiety, worry, and stress in the past months, and all these could trigger stress eating or emotional eating. If we can get one good thing from this pandemic, it's this: more and more people have been forced to learn how to cook (and bake)

Our top tips to avoid stress eating:

  1. Eating is not an issue, but it becomes one if you continuously binge on unhealthy foods or if emotional eating has become your only outlet to relieve stress. There are other ways to reduce stress, like yoga and meditation or reaching out to a friend for fun online games.
  2. Try healthier comfort food recipes! You should also have on hand a stock of healthier foods so even when you feel the urge to stress eat, you'll be snacking on more nutritious options and minimize fitness setbacks you may experience. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are rich in vitamin C, strengthening your immune system and lowering your stress levels.
  3. Let the cravings pass. Although this is easier said than done, if you can master identifying your "hunger" source, you can make it easier to choose between eating and controlling your sudden cravings.

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