How to Harness the Power of Self-Care to Improve Your Health

The term "self-care" gets thrown around a lot these days. While you might assume it's just a trending buzzword, self-care is actually a real means of improving mental health. As Psychology Today explains, self-care is essentially about paying active attention to our mental, physical, and spiritual needs — and taking steps to make sure they are being met.

Effective self-care requires a holistic approach to well-being, addressing everything from diet to exercise. Limm is dedicated to helping people discover the joy of investing in their own health, offering fun and affordable workout products designed to motivate you to break a sweat.

But getting workout gear that will inspire you to get moving is just one of the many ways you can invest in your health and happiness. Read on for more tips on how you can implement self-care into your everyday life.

Incorporate yoga into your exercise routine.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that the average adult get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week. Physical activity helps to boost cardiovascular health and muscle tone. It can also enhance your mood, decreasing the risk of anxiety and depression. Changing up your exercise routine can help you stay motivated. We Know Yoga offers a guide to beginner-friendly moves, so you can take your practice beyond child’s pose in no time. Ramp up your exercises with accessories like resistance bands from Limm.

Practice mindful eating.

A balanced diet is a critical part of self-care. This includes whole grains, proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy. Further, it's better to cook your own food instead of going out to eat. This allows you to control ingredients and portion sizes. Instead of viewing cooking as a chore, reframe the task as self-care — you are treating yourself to a great meal. To make the experience even more enjoyable, try mindful eating. As Good Housekeeping explains, this involves bringing your full attention to what you eat, better-noticing taste and texture.

Try meditation to alleviate anxiety.

Self-care requires you to be proactive about your mental health. Instead of waiting until a panic attack strikes and then reacting, proactively take steps to reduce anxiety. Meditation is one tool you can use to keep anxiety at bay. According to Mindful, meditation allows you to acknowledge stress and anxiety, which is the first step in conquering these feelings. If you're a newbie to meditation, check out this list of apps from Self for guidance on how to get started.

Take action to create a soothing space at home.

Your home should be an oasis of calm. This is the last place you want to feel stressed. Create a soothing atmosphere using aromatherapy. Use oil diffusers or candles with calming scents like lavender. You can also use lavender essential oils, which VeryWell Mind says are soothing. While you're at it, complete this house cleansing checklist from Redfin. It includes points like decluttering and smudging the rooms with sage. The aim is to remove bad energy from the house, which can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety, causing irritation and arguments between family members.

Learn how to say “no.”

“No” is such a small word and yet sometimes it's so hard to say. Learning how to take a hard line and say “no” can help free up time and remove stress from your life. This can apply in all areas, from your personal life to your work and even your family. By saying “no,” you are making yourself and your own time a priority. Mind Body Green provides tips for saying "no" gracefully, like not providing elaborate excuses. They also recommend starting small — if you say “no” to the little things first, bigger things will be easier to refuse.

Make time to do nothing by taking a staycation.

Take at least ten minutes every day to do nothing. Forbes reveals that such periods of reflection nurture imagination and enhance mental well-being. If you really want to unplug, treat yourself to a getaway. Instead of packing your schedule while you're away, just chill. You can find affordable vacations in sunny spots like Miami. You can find rentals in neighborhoods like Golden Beach to Beverly Beach. Staying in a vacation rental also allows you to stick to your self-care routine, making it easy to cook and workout at your home-away-from-home.

Self-care takes practice, so it may take time for you to successfully implement all the above steps. Be patient with yourself. Eventually, these self-care habits will become second nature.

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About the Author: Brad Krause

After spending most of his time in a corporate setting and neglecting his own self-care far too long, Brad embraced his calling and decided to become a full-time life coach. He now spends the rest of his life helping people get a better foothold on their wellness above all else.

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