“I want to be able to build strength effectively – even AT HOME”

You are going to be able to build some serious strength without the need for an expensive GYM membership or ridiculously overpriced programs, and make do with whatever you have.

Heck, if you are already planning to buy some equipment, we highly suggest you at least check this out first!

Strength Training this 2021:
What Has Changed?

Do you also hate the idea of purchasing gym equipment to use at home only to end up BARELY EXERCISING?

Do you hate paying for a monthly gym membership only to lose momentum and motivation whenever you feel like NOT GOING? No judgement, we understand because we have been there!

“I need expensive, specialist equipment, a training program and a coach or trainer to build strength effectively”.


Next time you start looking at equipment to use for your routines, consider this: Do you seriously need to spend $300 or more on equipment that you’re unsure for how much you would be using vs how much you will be storing them, unsure whether you’ve made the right purchase?

These days it’s very easy to build your home gym. And even if you’ve been training for some time, every time you lift weights that are not right for your current strength level, two things happen:

FIRST, you risk increasing reps and sets that DO NOT not necessarily build strength.

SECOND, you could be straining your muscles unnecessarily, which, if left unchecked, could cause injuries and ultimately, build wrong habits that could make strength training ineffective.

Now if you have started (or you are just starting) to build your very own home gym, ask yourself this:

"Don’t I deserve more for the price I have already spent?"

And if you are one to frequent the gym, isn’t it possible to spend a little less to keep and push your progress AT HOME, and maybe even reduce redundancy in your expenses?


Building strength requires that you meet these four key points to see results.

Challenge Full Range of Motion

Engage Support Muscles through Variations

Improve Mind-Muscle Connection

Gradual Progression Sans Injury/Extreme Exhaustion

We've got the perfect HOME solution for you

Home Workout - Total Body Bundle

  • Challenge different muscles and widen your range of motion with this total body workout package
  • Easily incorporate these workout gears to your existing workout in order to target and improve the strength of your supporting muscles
  • Make basic movements like mountain climbers, hip bridges, squats and push ups more challenging.
  • Core Sliders help you improve your balance. Resistance Bands add resistance to your workouts so you can build strength and tone muscles. Jump Rope can help you build endurance and perform total body workouts. Fabric Bands can help you activate muscles (especially glutes and legs) before your workouts, and improve mind-muscle connection for muscles that are harder for you to target.
  • Build your routine from scratch, or continue at your current fitness level. It doesn't matter if you are a pro or an amateur to exercises and working out: you can easily progress and get stronger with this home workout set.
  • Complete with eBooks, Instructions Manual and Videos on the Product Portal, so you will never get lost in your workout journey

WAS: 47.99


38.39 (20% OFF)

Hear It From Our Customers...

These bands are marked with the level of their resistance, it has a nice carry pouch, plus it comes in such a handy box - those are all positives for me. The instructions would be very helpful for beginners. They are also very easy to store. I am very impressed with this set!

― @Edgar E.

Because of these bands I'm able to improve my strength. Because of my disability I haven't worked out in a long time and I have become not so health over the yrs. In just a few months I already feel better about myself, and I feel much stronger and I've toned my muscles as well.

- @Rob A.

A little background about us...

We are not a massive company who employs hundreds or thousands of employees. In fact, our family business is run by me, my husband and a few core people who believe in the same goals as we do.

We built the "What's Your Biggest Home Workout Mistake" Quiz in order to help people identify mistakes that people in our small (but growing community!) are dying to figure out how to fix.

Hear It From Our Customers...

I've found THE ONE! I recommend this band to all my friends. I've used it for months and they are still holding up extremely well to my surprise. I would say out of all the booty bands I've tried, these are the most reliable. If you want to see huge difference in your workouts, this is the perfect choice.

― @Noor L.

My goal is really to tone muscles and also increase my strength. I've only used these sliders for a few weeks but I like how my feet stay in place and don't slide away from the discs. The raised padding is also a very nice touch! These have really good quality and I was able to build muscle strength in a short time after my knee surgery. PS: I love the eBooks!

- Deniece W.

I was looking for a basic jump rope because I feel making it super complicated (weighted, beaded, cables yada yada) defeats the purpose of making my home workouts easy. This jumping rope from limm is sooo simple and easy to use. I lift weights, but for cardio this is my top pick. After a few uses, you will really be able to tell the difference of the handles on this one compared to other cheap alternatives.


- Lara M.


Total Body, Home Workout Package

  • Challenge your full range of motion
  • Engage Support Muscles through Various Variation of Basic and Advanced Exercises
  • Improve Mind-Muscle Connection through activating muscles
  • Gradual Progression less the injuries and extreme exhaustion


38.39 (20% OFF)

WAS: 47.99