These Stretches Will Make Your Plantar Fascia Massages More Effective

Did you know stretching areas like your foot up to your glutes also improve plantar fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a notorious chronic pain caused by the inflammation of the fascia.

It usually develops when there is weak and poor foot support. The muscles and ligaments connecting the heel to the toes can be strained and inflammed during activities like running.

A good rest, massages with lacrosse or spiky balls and pain relievers can relieve the pain and tension -- but did you know stretching areas like your foot up to your glutes also help?

We outline below 5 different stretches that you can try.

Calf Stretch

Stand facing a wall and extend the affected foot to the back. Both toes should be pointing towards the wall. Place your palms against the wall.

Bend the knee of the front leg without lifting your heels off the floor. You should feel a stretch in your calf. Hold this position for 30 seconds then release.

Repeat this stretch 2 or 3 more times for the affected foot.

Foot Arch Stretch

If you have recently suffered a foot injury, avoid doing this stretch.

Place one foot at the base of the wall. Bend at your toes against the wall so that your toes are pointing up. We recommend only stretching as much as you feel comfortable.

Bend your knee forward to the wall. You might feel a stretch on the arches of your foot.

Hold position for 20-30 seconds, then repeat this stretch for 2-3 more times.

Toe Pull Stretch

Sit on a chair and position the affected heel over the other knee. Place one hand on the toes and another hand to the bottom of the foot.

Start pulling the toes towards your shin.

Hold position for 30 seconds and repeat for 2-3 more times.

Glute and Back Stretch

Lie on your back and bend your knees. Place the outside of the affected ankle just above the opposite knee.

Clasp your fingers around the opposite thigh and start pulling this thigh to your chest.This move is great for stretching tight areas in your glutes, thigh or back.

Hold position for 30 seconds and repeat 2-3 times.

Foot Flexes

This next stretch is perfect for increasing blood flow.

Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you.

Place one towel or a yoga band around one foot and hold the other end of the towel or elastic band in your hands. Start pointing the toes away from your body.

Hold this position for 3-5 seconds. Repeat this stretch 4-5 more times.

Marble Pickups

Prepare 15-20 marbles and one container.

Sit on a chair with both feet flat on the floor.

Using one foot, start picking one marble at a time with your toes. Move all the marbles from the floor to the container. This movement should stretch your foot muscles.

Repeat this exercise for the other foot, if affected.

All these stretches will flex the muscles in your legs, glutes and foot and improving blood flow to these areas. Combining them with ample rest, good footwear and self-massages for your trigger points will help speed up your recovery.

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